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If you have the password to my full portfolio please access it below.

PlanSnap Brand Manual

I created the brand manual for PlanSnap (now Yoller). This included everything from brand tone to design preferences and logo restrictions.

UWLSU Brand Manual

I created the brand manual for UWLSU's HR department to utilize when creating brand documents such as flyers, websites and internal documents. This included brand tone, logo restrictions, and samples of business cards and other stationary.

Fine Art on Demand

My Master's project explored the topic of print-on-demand commerce and how to add luxury elements in order to have higher profit margins and in turn produce more income for artists. This project took place over the course of 2016 to 2017.

Ink Liberal Brand Manual

This brand manual defines the guidelines and parameters of my website, including brand touchpoints, a custom font I made, and custom iconography.

The Avra Project

The Avra Project is a hypothetical VR game that aims to help kids with autism learn social skills, especially if they don't have the money for behavioral intervention. This project included a brand manual, a teaser video, an app wireframe, a virtual reality demo and more.

Avra Brand Manual

This brand manual briefly outlines the brand strategy and social media touchpoints for a hypothetical VR company.

Ink Liberal

This website was the subsequent product of my research. While other print-on-demand websites had consistently neutral ratings between 40-60% satisfaction my website scored approximately 80% across the board for elements like product quality, UX, brand strategy and luxury elements.

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